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All in a Day’s Work Keynote Address

Working Together

Getting management and employees on the same page is a challenge as old as business itself. Yet, finding common ground is essential to the vitality of any company. In “All in a Day’s Work,” gain a new perspective on the workplace divide and learn ways to improve internal communication, achieve more harmony, and work together to make work better.

 Super Vision for Supervisors
Having a vision for success

Helen Keller said, “It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.” Your employees look to supervisors for direction and purpose. Their loyalty is dependent on knowing, understanding, and believing in the direction your organization is headed. In this thought-provoking presentation, you’ll learn techniques for setting and communicating a vision that will guide your organization into a bright future.


 'Toon in Your Management

Fine-tune your style for better employee relations

What's up managers? I say, I say -- not employee morale or productivity! View your management style through the lens of Looney Tunes and unlock the keys to a stronger workforce through more effective management strategies. This high-energy presentation is no child's play!


 How 'Tooned in Are You?

Helping employees find the joy in their jobs again

This program will help employees to re-envision their purpose within the company and find the joy in their jobs again. Using familiar cartoon personas, Steven will help employees discover how they can relate better to management and work in effective teams for maximum productivity. A companion to 'Toon In Your Management, this program requires interactivity and laughter while learning.

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