Steven Hollingsworth

   What others say about Steven’s presentations:

“Steven is a master at using props, costumes, and the element of surprise to really capture and keep the audience’s attention. He creates unforgettable images to reinforce the lessons he’s teaching.”

--Angela Johnson, Recreation Coordinator, City of North Las Vegas


“Steven is an outstanding motivational speaker. I recommend him not only as a valuable business contact, but also a person who has high personal integrity.”

--Matthew Wurm, Event Producer and Manager, EEI Global

“I loved Steven’s presentation. He brought out my reasoning and listening skills in a fun and informative manner.  He has a mesmerizing voice and physical presence.”

--Patricia Mobley, National Sales Director, Christie’s Photographic Studios

“He has an amazing employee relations program, and it has SUCCESS written all over it."
 --Debbie Kent, director of human resources and organizational development, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority






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